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Omni Point of Sale

A highly agile, easy-to-use, web-based application – also accessible through mobile devices – Ascent’s Omni POS system delivers an intuitive user experience, with features that enable rapid data capture. Information captured at the point of sale can be made available to anyone in your organization at any point in the lifecycle of each transaction.

The Most Agile Front-End Solution for the Finance and Leasing Industry


  • Web-Based Application

  • Intuitive User Experience

  • Customizable Scoring Models

  • Automated Decision-Making

  • Highly Flexible Workflow Management

  • Unlimited User-Defined Financial Products


  • Greater Responsiveness

  • Higher Customer Engagement

  • Rapid Credit Evaluation

  • Scalable at any Level

  • Higher System Throughput

  • Greater Number of Users

With its flexible configuration – scalable at any level – and high system throughput, you can add more system users to your network and process more applications than ever before. You can configure templates for commonly used or unique financial products, enabling greater responsiveness and higher customer engagement. With the application’s exceptionally flexible design, you can easily make changes to your business processes and user workflows rather than requesting customization.

Rapidly assess the merit of credit applicants. Change business rules, add approval levels and adjust reporting requirements according to your needs. Leverage the power of the system’s flexibility to handle any level of workflow, from small user groups with limited requirements to large enterprises with complex hierarchies and approval cycles. Move swiftly from point-of-sale calculations through quotations and proposals, credit scoring and in-depth credit analysis with fewer clicks. Automatic decision-making gives your sales team more power to accelerate new business while proactively managing risk.

Key Components

Loan Calculator

Enhance customer engagement with a feature-rich loan calculator. Sales representatives can show customers comparisons of payment schedules based on different financial products. Robust functionality includes a user-friendly menu of selling options based on customer exposure, asset criteria and other data stored. It is also ideal for upselling and cross-selling strategies.

  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Easily compare payment schedules
  • Advanced menu selling
  • Customized packages based on customers
  • Ideal for cross-selling/upselling


Easily create multiple quotations for customers based upon various financing products being offered to show them options. Seasonal or promotional finance programs are updated in real-time and information can be made available to users based on the finance company’s parameters.

  • Easy creation and comparison of multiple quotations
  • Seasonal/promotional finance programs updated in real-time
  • Capture, conversion and transmission of applicant information electronically

Business Partner Exposure

Full customer exposure – from financial information to credit agency status and blacklist alerts – can be a “one-click load,” saving data input time and expediting decision-making.

  • “One-click load” to quickly retrieve customer exposure information
  • Save data input time and expedite decision-making

Credit Scoring

Credit scoring is highly configurable through our Business Rules Engine, enabling unlimited user-defined scoring models. When a credit application is received, it is automatically run through a credit scoring engine that intelligently selects the appropriate scorecards based on defined parameters.

  • Highly configurable credit scoring engine
  • Intelligent decisioning automation
  • User defined parameters
  • Integration with credit rating agencies and other data providers


Convert a quote into a proposal or create a fresh proposal capturing mandatory information required to assess the credit worthiness of the applicant.

  • Easy conversion from quote to a proposal
  • Rapid applicant information capture
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