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5 Reasons to Choose Subscription-based Pricing

5 Reasons to Choose Subscription-based Pricing

By Jim Freto, Vice President Sales - North America at NETSOL Technologies, Inc. on 17-06-2021

The majority of enterprise software buyers across the globe are considering or already transitioning to subscription products due to a number of significant benefits.

No upfront license cost

The primary factor that drives clients towards subscription-based pricing is the elimination of upfront license fees. Clients migrate to subscriptions to clean up years of complex contracts, eliminate unused licenses, and negotiate subscription agreements aligned with the true needs of the business. With the elimination of capital expenditure via no upfront license fees, subscription-based pricing is attractive to clients.


This dynamic pricing model offers clients increased flexibility. Customers find it simpler and more cost effective to scale up and down using subscription-based pricing models. Subscription based-models enable them to match the system's expense to their usage, number of contracts, transactions or use of storage. Clients are hence provided with the capacity to plan and grow in a way that is more manageable, aligned with the value they extract from the solution and with substantially reduced or zero upfront risk and capital outlay.

Simpler to offer a proof of concept

Upfront license costs make it challenging to offer clients a trial period or give them a feel of the product before they make a long-term financial commitment. While some enterprise software providers offer free trials, the upfront license still dissuades new clients from entering into a contract. Subscription-based pricing makes it possible to offer a proof of concept period, allowing the customer to gain confidence in the system and develop a comfort level with the product prior to broader enterprise adoption.

Agility and access

Subscription-based pricing models encourage a more agile development cycle and swifter time to value, enabling customers to rapidly realize benefits. As cloud deployment and upgrades are typically faster and more automated than on-prem, companies opting for cloud-based products and subscription-based pricing have access to the latest product updates, with "always on" availability.

Start-ups and smaller companies provided access to world leading solutions

Subscription-based pricing models make industry leading enterprise software accessible to start-ups, or smaller organizations that have smaller capital budgets. Through flexible subscription-based pricing options, smaller companies can gain access to the same platforms used by the largest global companies which can enable them to even the playing field against larger, established competitors.

NFS Ascent now available on the Cloud via subscription-based pricing!

NETSOL Technologies now offers a fully cloud-based version of its premier, next-gen platform NFS Ascent, which empowers major banks, auto, equipment and finance and leasing companies worldwide. NFS Ascent on the Cloud provides finance and leasing companies with access to NETSOL's state-of-the-art platform used by bluechip organizations and Fortune 500 companies with flexible subscription-based pricing and rapid deployments.

Powered by Microsoft Azure and CGI, NFS Ascent on the Cloud supports both retail and wholesale operations and puts a client's business in top gear to accelerate in terms of business volume and transactions through flexible scalability while keeping their costs at a minimum.

While eliminating the need to pay traditional license fees, clients are enabled to easily meet their project timelines with rapid onboarding via a quick and seamless deployment process by NETSOL, which during these unprecedented times of COVID-19, have been carried out entirely remotely for clients in North America and the United Kingdom.

With NFS Ascent on the Cloud, your business gains access to a proven, world leading platform with minimal upfront costs. Subscription-based pricing works as a 'Pay-as-you-go' pricing model with flexible payment options to choose from. Charges are based on used services only, versus an entire infrastructure. Companies can further select the payment plan that suits their business and choose whether they would like to pay on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

This value-driven pricing plan is intended to decrease the initial buy-in cost for new customers by eliminating license fees and provides an alternative to current customers seeking lower software usage and maintenance costs that align with system utilization and derived value. NFS Ascent on the Cloud empowers financial institutions to effectively manage their complex multi-site and multi-currency operations and enables them to thrive in hyper competitive markets globally, while keeping their costs at an absolute minimum.

If you would like more information about the product, you can contact us by clicking here. Further, if you would like a FREE demo of Ascent on the Cloud for your finance and leasing business, please click here.

Written By:
Jim Freto, Vice President Sales - North America at NETSOL Technologies, Inc.

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