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Gain critical insight into the health and performance of your portfolio.

Payment Types
  • Advance/Arrears.

  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual.

  • Structured/Variable Payment Schedules.

  • Terms up to 360 Months.

Application Data Entry
  • Supports fixed or revolving credit lines.

  • Customizable application and asset templates to allow for minimal user input.

  • Includes numerous amortizable Initial Direct Costs (IDC’s) and Initial Direct Revenue (IDR) accounts.

  • Unlimited assets per contract.

  • Interfaces with third-party pricing tools.

  • 4-tiered user-definable system hierarchy.

Application Work Scheduling
  • Customizable application flow.

  • User-definable application statuses.

  • Auto user assignment based upon status.

  • Automatic application approval.

Credit Determination
  • Securely acquire credit bureau reports and retrieve credit and scoring information.

Client Relationships
  • Parent.

  • Lessee/Borrower.

  • Guarantor.

  • Broker.

  • Vendor/Dealer.

  • Investor.

  • User-Definable Clients.

  • Universal notebook to record written and conversational communication for users and customers.

  • Customizable note types.

  • Ability to create follow-up activities.

  • Red Flag Warning notes that are displayed when accessing certain LeasePak updates.

  • Generate documentation, letters and invoices based upon user-customizable templates.

  • User-definable Document Check Lists.

  • Ability to link documents to a contract (MS Word, Excel, JPG, BMP and PDF file types).

Daily Activities

Increase revenue through robust assessment capabilities and increase customer satisfaction by providing them with flexible invoicing options and improving accuracy of cash management processes.

  • Provides for customizable payment hierarchies either at the Portfolio, Customer or Contract Level.

  • Automated lock box interface.

  • Auto debit (ACH/PAP).

  • Payments can be posted manually for a specific invoice, individual contract, multiple contracts, customer or group.

  • Ability to reverse all or part of the payment and either apply to different contract or place in the unapplied cash account.

  • 20 unique General Ledger Cash Accounts available that can be designated for specific payment and disbursement types.

  • Ability to group invoice.

  • User-defined invoice templates.

  • Interface with third party invoice preparer.

  • Advanced Invoicing up to 120 days before due date.

  • Auto assess fees when a payment is rejected for non-sufficient funds (NSF).

  • Ability to auto assess a late charge as a fixed amount, percentage of delinquency, minimum and/or maximum amounts.

  • Recurring charge assessments that can be set up as income or payable types or as a pass through to a third party.

  • Attach a meter definition to either an asset or contract, then enter meter readings to auto assess per-use charges.

Customer Services

Enable your staff to provide outstanding service to your customers.

Customer Services Management
  • Provides tools for viewing and tracking various accounts, whether or not they are delinquent. Includes the ability to create and use a work schedule of accounts, view account information at the contract level, assign and reassign accounts, add notes of oral or written customer service communications, and the ability to generate pertinent documentation.

  • Customizable Contract Summary Screen is a compilation of customer, contract and asset information with the added benefit of accessing various reports and updates while within the screens.


Automatically generate sub-ledger detail for every financial transaction and facilitate reconciliation.

General Ledger
  • Customizable G/L account names and numbers.

  • Automated export of daily general ledger debits, credits and account balances to third-party G/L system.

  • Supports dealer reserves, subvention, dealer buy down.

  • Ability to auto suspend income for delinquent accounts.

  • Option to prorate income, initial direct costs, initial direct revenue and book depreciation for contracts/assets where the start date is not the first of the month or where asset disposition occurs before the end of the month.

Accrural Methods
  • Advance/Arrears.

  • Finance and Operating Leases.

  • Fixed and Floating Rate Loans with interest calculations based upon 30/360, Actual Days/360, Actual Days/365 and Actual Days/Actual Days.

Reconciliation Reporting
  • Various LeasePak reports to aid in G/L account reconciliations and balance validations.


Reduce your exposure to penalties from tax audits and improve accuracy of your invoices.

Sales/use Tax
  • Ability to automatically upload sales/use tax rate file from third party.

  • Interfaces to third-party sales/use tax decisioning system.

  • Taxability requirements can differ for each asset on the contract.

Property Tax
    Extract file to a third party Property Tax preparer.
  • Extract file to a third party Property Tax preparer.

  • Import file of Property Tax renderings that will be automatically assessed to the appropriate assets.

End of Term

Actively manage your contracts as they approach maturity to increase profitability and reduce risk at end-of-term.

Mature Lease Tracking
  • Provides a complete tracking and reporting system to assist in the management of lease residual/book value balance, lease renewal, and/or purchase and disposition of the assets.

  • Ability to create a payoff quote and generate the invoice.

  • Option for customer to purchase some or all of the assets on the contract.

  • Unsold assets are returned to LeasePak’s inventory.

  • Ability to invoice for additional charges even though the account has been paid off or terminated.

  • Export file to auction house/third party.

  • Import file to auto sell assets from inventory.

Lease Renewals
  • Lease can automatically be renewed.

  • Ability to reverse the renewal.

  • Firm term or month-to-month renewals.

  • Cash basis or Accrual basis income recognition.

  • Renewals can be defined as operating, finance or residual write down.

Mid-term Management

Quickly and accurately respond to mid-life contract changes.

Mid-Term Adjustments
  • Ability to add on a co-terminus asset to an existing contract.

  • Restructure a contract by either back-dating it or on a going-forward basis.

Early payoff/Termination
  • Early payoff/terminate specific assets or entire contract.

  • Ability to reverse payoff/termination reverting contract/asset back to active status.

  • Supports Like-Kind Exchange.

Portfolio Management

Streamline data entry, automate application assignment and booking process.

Risk Management-Strategic Reporting
  • Provides multiple reports for forecasting cash, earnings, balance runoff, reportable by one or any components of the system hierarchy (Portfolio, Company, Region, Office), months to runoff, lease/loan types and other criteria.

Asset Management

Secure your interest in the assets you finance and accurately manage the details of each.

Title-level Tracking
  • Provides tools required to track the receipt of ownership and protection documents on an asset, including certificates of ownership/titles and UCC filings.

  • Extract file to third party Title and UCC preparers.

Asset-level Tracking
  • Unlimited number of assets per contract.

  • Location address for each asset.

  • Supports Book Depreciation for Operating Leases.

  • Calculates Tax Depreciation for Federal, State and AMT for income tax reporting.

  • User-definable deprecation methods (e.g. Bonus Deprecation).

Insurance Management

Ensure that your assets are being protected against damage or loss.

Insurance Policy Tracking
  • Tracks all insurance policies that are about to expire or have expired by providing several tools, including a schedule of daily work to be processed, a summary of each policy and a notebook record of the written and conversational communication between the assigned insurance team member and the customer.

  • Extract file of contract and customer data can be sent to a 3rd party insurance provider.