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In the Lab

The global asset finance and leasing industry is evolving and so are we. The only difference is we are miles ahead.

Artificial Intelligence

Recently, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been gaining significant traction within the financial services industry. Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions can be leveraged by financial institutions for a variety of use-cases such as customer segmentation for improved marketing, cross and up-selling, campaign management, client-facing chatbots, credit worthiness evaluation and credit score prediction.

Smart Mobility Ecosystem with OTOZ

Personal mobility is undergoing a paradigm shift towards the end of ownership models.

  • Government levying taxes to reduce CO2 omissions
  • Major cities are dealing with never-ending traffic congestion
  • Automotive industries competing for ecofriendly mobility services
  • Customers are demanding convenient and digital services and switching to shared assets, as they realize that 95% of the time their car is parked doing nothing

Yet there’s no end to traffic and no foreseeable solution… Except there is one – OTOZ is transforming personal mobility by integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI. We understand the potential of fleet and peer-to-peer car-sharing by bridging the gap between car owners and someone who doesn’t own, but needs one.

Blockchain – Early POC, now OTOZ

The world is transforming thanks to blockchain, which is reshaping the ways we do our banking, communicate with each other, run businesses and even the way we rent vehicles. Blockchain is a digitally distributed transaction ledger with identical copies maintained on each of the networks members’ computers which are called peers.