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An Adaptive Platform for the Evolving Global Asset Finance and Leasing Industry

NFS Ascent® is built on cutting-edge technology that enables auto, equipment and big ticket finance companies, alongside banks, to run their retail and wholesale finance business with ease. With comprehensive domain coverage and powerful configuration engines, it is architected to empower finance and leasing companies with a platform that supports their growth in terms of business volume and transactions.

NFS Ascent® is also available on the Cloud via flexible, subscription-based pricing, rapid deployments and the ability to scale on demand.

Front Office Enablement

Highly agile, easy-to-use, cross-channel applications that deliver an intuitive omni-channel experience, and enable rapid data capture. Change business rules and approval levels according to your needs.

Back Office Enablement

Powerful, functionally rich applications for managing and maintaining detailed credit contracts throughout their lifecycle and automating and managing floorplanning and wholesale finance.

Customer Self-Service

Self-Service Portals for customers that enable a completely digital buying experience as well as the provision of resolving customer service queries themselves on their mobile or web devices.


Our systems enable our clients to be compliant with all legal and regulatory frameworks prevailing in local markets across the world, enabling our customers to carry out hassle-free, multi-country operations.


Our systems provide compliance to accounting standards and practices across several countries throughout the world, giving our clients an automatic edge and allowing them to expand their business geographically seamlessly.


Our platform gives your business the ability to fully comply and interface with official state systems, credit bureaus, banks, third party systems, CRM solutions, cloud platforms and other financial technologies worldwide.


Our solutions support both commercial and consumer lending backed by a powerful workflow and rules engine that optimizes operations at every stage of the contract lifecycle. This operational automation ensures minimal human intervention, informed decision-making and flawless credit management.


Through our products and services, we have been enabling operations for the top auto captives of the world for the past four decades. This rich heritage has developed deep auto industry insight within NETSOL which we continue to enhance.


Our solutions foster rapid business growth and are tailored to handle high performance levels while offering greater control over business. For equipment finance companies, our global system meets local requirements and is developed for maximum efficiency.

Business Size

Our solutions are highly adaptable and scalable, and therefore, can adjust to cater to businesses of any level and volume, as well as support multi-company, multi-brand, multi-currency and multi-language requirements. With our products, experience and expertise, we can promise growth to businesses of any tier.

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  • Industry
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Streamlined User Experience

NFS Ascent® provides an unparalleled, smart and seamless user experience with a highly dynamic and configurable system. Alongside streamlining of tasks, new users are easily able to adapt to the system due to Ascent’s intuitive interface.

Cost Effectiveness

NFS Ascent® enables the client to achieve cost efficiency in daily operations by re-engineering business processes with minimal effort. The next-gen platform eliminates redundant tasks (and the costs associated with the performance of those tasks) and streamlines the remaining tasks in a process through automation, where resource usage is optimized and human capital costs are substantially decreased.

Future Ready Technology

NFS Ascent® is based on state-of-the-art technology and is designed with the flexibility to support future business growth through scale-up and scale-out features. The system can be configured and updated to cater to new and emerging business needs.

Enhanced Agility

NFS Ascent® is equipped with flexible interfacing capabilities, a configurable Business Rules Engine, multilingual and multi-currencies support, and other features that give the client agility to keep its business up-to-date in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. The system scales with the growth of your business.

Enterprise Security

We follow strict security guidelines to ensure compliance with the latest international standards. The system is accessed via effective authentication and authorization. User roles, rights and privileges are defined through various setups in the User Management System.

Advanced Interfacing

NFS Ascent® can be easily integrated with other third-party systems and credit bureaus. The solution supports industry standard interfacing mechanisms such as Web Services, through APIs, and file-based and databases.


Take complete control of your credit portfolio management with Ascent’s advanced audit and transparency controls, real-time data modification capability and automated reporting. Ascent’s user-driven model will give you a complete solution from point of sale to contract maturity.


NFS Ascent® remains on the technological leading edge with the ability to gather and fuse intelligence using multiple information sources, such as credit rating agencies and other third parties, and giving you the right data at the right time so you can make informed decisions in real-time.

NFS Ascent®
on the Cloud

NFS Ascent® is also available on the Cloud via flexible, subscription-based pricing and rapid deployments. Powered by Microsoft Azure and CGI, NFS Ascent® on the Cloud puts your business in top gear to accelerate in terms of business volume and transactions through flexible scalability while keeping your costs at an absolute minimum.


With automated business process execution and the advanced calculation engine, NFS Ascent® engineers your business to the point of ultimate precision, minimizing the need for human intervention while significantly reducing turnaround time.


NFS Ascent's® next generation future ready technology framework reduces cost of ownership, ensuring operational dominance well into the future. Enhanced maintainability will allow innovation and sustainable growth of your business in the rapidly changing market environment.

  • Absolute Control
  • Information Fusion
  • Precision Engineering
  • Enhanced Maintainability

Adaptive Engines for Business
Process Innovation

Business Rules Engine

Automate decision-making by creating business rules according to your specific business requirements. For example, apply rules as needed throughout the credit application process, from configuring point scores to workflow routing, to make fast yet accurate automated decisions. The engine provides an easy-to-use graphical tool for creating rules using many different fields and operational designations you determine.

Business Process Designer

Configure the Business Process Designer engine to manage the dynamic flow of the entire contract financial business lifecycle by mapping your specific criteria. Create multiple flows for your business processes and align them within the application. Modify and enhance existing flows in real-time. Adapt to changing industry regulations or new company requirements with minimum effort.

Dynamic Workflow Manager

Capture, manage and distribute information, tasks and requests and ensure that the business processes you define are followed as designated. Integrate various workflows with the Business Process Designer, activating them each according to rules assigned by the Business Rules Engine. Reengineer workflows, and the system adjusts accordingly – easily and seamlessly. Dynamic Workflow Manager supports unlimited workflow models, task sharing and automatic activity escalation.

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub contains message-flows for each individual interfacing. A message-flow is responsible for transforming, mapping and validating data elements from one end to other. The Integration Hub also allows for easy integration into a client's IT landscape.


Curated Digital Touchpoints for Your Teams, Partners & Customers

NFS Digital is a combination of our core strengths, domain and technology. Our insight into the evolving landscape along with our valuable experience enables us to define sound digital transformation strategies and compliment them with smart digital solutions so our customers always remain competitive and relevant to the dynamic environment. Our digital transformation solutions are extremely robust and can be used with or without our core, next-gen solution (NFS Ascent) to effectively augment and enhance your ecosystem.