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Self-Service Enablement

Self Point of Sale

A Completely Digital Buying Experience

Our Self POS portal allows customers to go through the complete buying and financing process online and on their mobile devices including car configuration, generating quotations, and filling out applications. It is the ultimate origination application that enables users to compare, select and configure an asset using a mobile device anywhere, at any time and submit an accompanying financial product application.

A Completely Digital Buying Experience


  • Complete 2D/3D Car Configuration Process

  • Finding a Dealership

  • Menu Selling

  • Financial Product Campaigns

  • Application Filling

  • Document Uploading and Management

  • Chat and Notifications

  • E-Signatures

  • Multilingual and Multi-Currency


  • Complete Digital Purchase Journey

  • Enriched, Superior Customer Experience

  • Increased Customer Convenience

  • Improved Customer Engagement, Response Time

  • Seamless Application Filling, Uploading and Submitting

  • 24/7 Accessibility for Customer

  • Significantly Reduced Time

  • Higher Efficiency

Mobile Account

Reduce Costs and Improve Collections

mAccount is a self-service mobile/web solution, enabling the customer to setup a secure account and view information 24/7 to keep track of contract status, resolve queries and make payments.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Collections


  • Intuitive and Easy Navigation

  • Contract Details

  • Modification Request

  • Statement of Account

  • Geo Locator

  • Push Notifications

  • Deals and Promotions

  • Chat Functionality

  • Repayment Plan

  • Multilingual and Multi-Currency


  • Superior Customer Experience

  • Seamless User Experience

  • Improved Customer Engagement

  • Increased Customer Retention

  • Cost Effectiveness by Saving on Resources

  • Reduction/Elimination of Inbound Calls

  • Informed Decision Making

  • 24/7 Accessibility for Customer

  • Enhances Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

  • Enables Company to Easily Advertise Promotions