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Contract Management

Ascent’s Contract Management System (CMS) is a powerful, highly agile, functionally rich application for managing and maintaining detailed credit contracts throughout their lifecycle – from pre-activation and activation through customer management, asset financial management, billing and collections, finance and accounting, restructuring and maturity.

The Most Comprehensive End-To-End Solution for Contract Management


  • Flexible Service-Based Architecture

  • Powerful Business Process Designer

  • Comprehensive Contract Management

  • Wide Range of Global Standards Compliance


  • Map Directly onto Business Needs

  • Virtually Unlimited Scalability

  • Complex Business Operations Simplified

  • Enhanced Security and Accuracy of Portfolios

Equipped with accounting, tax and other standard regulatory and compliance requirements – spanning a wide-range of global standards – Ascent’s CMS simplifies even the most complex business operations in world markets. Powerful tools maintain the security and accuracy of your lease and loan portfolios while enabling seamless transactions with multiple business partners and virtually unlimited scalability to accommodate business growth. Based on flexible, service-based architecture, the solution is powered by Ascent’s all-new Business Process Designer engine. Configure it directly to map specific business needs and manage critical stages of the contract lifecycle.

Key Components

Contract Activation and Management

Manage the entire contract creation process until the contract is activated and collect loan payments from customers against their receivables. Leverage a range of functions for powerful and granular asset management, including the ability to easily assemble related assets and business partners with any given contract; keeping a record of business rules to track documents needed; displaying repayment plans, amortization schedules, and disbursements; and keeping track of all contract calculations and finance-related information throughout the lifecycle.

  • Manage origination through to activation
  • Powerful asset management
  • Document tracking
  • Track repayment plans and schedules

Customer Management

Modify contracts in real-time without the need for rebooking. Get a 360 degree view of each customer, including complete audit history – empowering your representatives with the knowledge they need for optimum customer service. Use an intuitive interface to search record details and rapidly respond to customer questions and requests. Enhance customer service through mobile and our web portal. Your customers can look into their contract financials and profile information while also logging tickets for financial and non-financial modifications.

  • Real-time contract modification
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Rapid response to customer inquiries electronically
  • Enhanced customer service with mobile and web portal access


Manage all payment receipts against different modes of payments to identify delinquencies, automate collection activities and support repossession, remarketing, early termination and litigation. Leverage the power of the Dynamic Workflow Manager engine to route delinquency cases to appropriate collections at each site of the collection lifecycle – with a comprehensive audit trail that supports thorough risk management.

  • Complete receipt management
  • Automatic routing to relevant teams
  • Comprehensive audit trail

Asset Remarketing

Manage the asset remarketing process from asset valuation, inspection, advertising, capturing bid details, bid approval to the final sale of the asset.

  • End-to-end asset remarketing
  • Provisions for asset valuation, inspection and advertising
  • Support for capturing bid details, obtaining approvals and final sale

Asset Inventory Register

Maintain the asset in the register with their status, information and financial details ready to be attached to a contract, to be sold or disposed off.

  • Complete maintenance of assets in the register
  • Easy attachment to contracts, to be sold or disposed

Asset Re-Lease

Manage the re-lease of the asset as it comes off the contract through repossession, termination and maturity.

  • Comprehensive asset re-lease functionality
  • Full support for repossession, termination and maturity

Finance and Accounting

Handle complete contract transactions either manually or automatically. Manage portfolio and contract specific bad debt provisioning, depreciation schedules, duties and taxes throughout the lifecycle. Configurable accounting parameters support multiple treatments under the IFRS and local GAAP in combination with customizable reports tools to generate reports in real-time.

  • Manual/automatic transaction handling
  • Configurable parameters supporting multiple standards
  • Customizable report tools
  • Real-time report generation


Manage the varied scenarios that lead to contract closure, from early termination and early payout to flat cancellation, normal settlement, and remarketing or repossession decisions. Calculate settlement amounts, including rebates and clawbacks, and customize financial parameters for extension periods.

  • Powerful closure management tools
  • Support for early termination/payout and remarketing/repossession
  • Calculation of settlement amounts, rebates/clawbacks
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