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About Us

Proudly serving the world’s top asset finance and leasing companies with smart software technology for over four decades.

We are an Adaptive Enterprise

From when we started to where we are now, NETSOL has been progressing as an enterprise that leads change.


Our leadership is focused on developing a culture of innovation and empowerment to create an environment where people are driven and focused on achieving excellence.


Our smart software solutions are built with smart work engines that adapt to our clients' business, optimizes their value delivery and gives them the freedom to evolve.


We have a young, diverse and experienced global workforce who provide an influx of energy and fresh thought to the enterprise.


We connect the dots to suggest what our customers imperatives and alternatives might be to achieve the best outcome.

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Over Four Decades of Global Experience

With over forty years of experience in providing state-of-the-art solutions, cost-effective capabilities and consulting services to the global finance and leasing industry, we cater to companies with ever growing and diverse business requirements across the world.

40+ Years in the
25+ Years in
20+ Years in Asia

Our Edge

Proven Track Record

NETSOL Technologies taps into its strong business acumen to find solutions to the unique set of challenges and constraints imposed by each new project and delivers solutions that fill performance gaps. We have a proven track record of successfully meeting deadlines and executing the most complex projects within budget while consistently maintaining the highest quality.

Domain Expertise

With our rich history of innovation, NETSOL Technologies is a dynamic leader and has been able to accumulate a wealth of experience in the global asset finance and leasing industry. We have built a large knowledge base which is regularly refined and updated to ensure the most up-to-date best practices and business solutions for the benefit of our clients and partners.

Ensured Service Levels

With a presence in 8 strategically located cities across the globe, and a team of more than 1300 professionals, we ensure that our clients get dedicated attention from the best minds in the industry. We boast an impressive portfolio of several quality awards which further solidify our dominance and status as the finest global service providers.

Pioneers in the Industry

NETSOL Technologies maintains its position as a leader in providing innovative solutions to the global asset finance and leasing industry. We take pride in being the first organization in the industry to introduce digital transformation and launch a complete line of digital solutions. We introduced our digital suite to help companies tap into the advantages of digitization and mobility while taking control of the challenges inherent in this environment.

Board of Directors


Najeeb Ghauri

Founder, Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer,
NETSOL Technologies, Inc.


Syed Kausar Kazmi

Independent Director,
Chairman of Audit Committee


Mark Caton

Independent Director &
Chair of Compensation Committee


Henry Tolentino

Independent Director,
Chair of the Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee


Malea Farsai


Management Team

Najeeb Ghauri

Founder, Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer,
NETSOL Technologies, Inc.

Naeem Ghauri

Founder, President,
Chief Executive Officer Innovation and OTOZ,
NETSOL Technologies, Inc.

Peter Minshall

Executive Vice President
NETSOL Technologies,
North America

Doug Jones

Vice President, Operations
NETSOL Technologies,
North America

Patti L. W. McGlasson

Sr. V.P. Legal & Corporate Affairs,
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary,
NETSOL Technologies Inc.

Roger Almond

Chief Financial Officer,
NETSOL Technologies, Inc.

Farooq Ghauri

Managing Director, NETSOL Technologies, Australia

Chris Tobey

Global Sales Director - Wholesale Finance,
NETSOL Technologies, Inc.

Umar Qadri

Deputy Global Head of Sales
and Head of Delivery, NETSOL Technologies Inc.

Amanda Li Linjie

NETSOL Technologies, China.

Eva Kellershof

Client Partner - Otoz Mobility

Withoon Hardat

Country Head - Thailand

Rajnish Harjika

Vice President Technology - Cloud Services

Faisal Rasheed Bhatti

Head of Global HCD

Advisory Board

Georg Bauer

Chairman and
Co-founder of

Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony

NETSOL rings closing bell to commemorate its 20th listing anniversary at Nasdaq.

Corporate Governance

We take our corporate governance, ethics and policies seriously. For any harassment reporting, please call (888) 571-8220 or email us at corporategovernance@netsoltech.com

Amended and Restated-Code of Ethics


Amended and Restated-Audit Committee Charter


Amended and Restated Charter of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of nominating committee charter


Amended and Restated Charter of the Compensation Committee


We all want a better future. Together, we can make a difference.

Our commitment towards innovation and providing greater services to our customers is second to none. This philosophy of excelling in everything we do has enabled us to not only fulfill our environmental sense of responsibility, but go further beyond. We acknowledge global climate change as a real problem, and as a borderless company, we pledge to do everything in our capacity to tackle the problem. To that end, we ensure that we eliminate wasteful practices and make all our processes as energy efficient as possible.

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